I guess you could say that I’m really into crypto 🤷‍♀️

It’s weird to admit. (imposter syndrome slowly creeps in..)

Tons of people know waaay more than me but for the last few years, I can’t seem to go 10 minutes without talking about it, investing in it, meeting people deep in the space, or producing videos with the world’s biggest experts in the field talking about it.

I’m in deep.

I know too much - can’t unsee it now!

Time to dive into the rabbit hole. 🐇🐇

The blockchain and Bitcoin is a genie that can’t be put back in the bottle.

This is how we take the web back.

This is how we take the value of our hard earned money back.

This is how anyone in the world can access wealth beyond anything they’ve ever imagined.

This is how we take our power back from institutions that don’t have our best interests in mind.

Sounds super culty or “pyramid schemey”. I know.

We’ve been promised things like that before that haven’t delivered.

It’s normal to be apprehensive.

But when you truly understand what decentralizing the internet means for our future, you know that this isn’t another Y2K scare.

This is the real deal - we’re just early and not everyone gets it yet. We’re all still just getting it!

The blockchain enables a whole new world to exist. One where the middle man who has traditionally been the one taking the most profit is suddenly out of the equation and you can interact directly with your peers, customers, employees…

It’s not just about buying Bitcoin or the next shit coin and making money when it goes up, it’s about creating and interacting with a whole new web. A safer, more accessible, more profitable way to exchange with your peers all over the world.

Blockchain is going tribal at a global scale. It’s fun, it’s exciting, and it’s here to stay.

The question is: do you want to sit this one out or do you want to tell the story of having been early in something this huge?

I don’t want to leave my friends behind and I’m encouraging everyone I know to do their own research, find their entry and dive in. ☺️

CryptoCurious is produced by the PR Blockchain Association and is sponsored by DLTX.

These free community events are meant to be a place for people to come and ask questions, meet other people in the space and figure out what is the best point of entry for them.

It makes me so happy to see this brewing in my home country of Puerto Rico. I hope we can start a wild fire that catches around the world. 🔥🇵🇷🔥